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Je compte moi aussi (I matter, too)

Je compte moi aussi (I matter, too)

“Women’s relationship to money”

In collaboration with various partners, here are seven talks that were offered in the spring of 2016 on the theme of women’s relationship to money.


In the course of a regional initiative that approached 90 women and partners about how to achieve equality between women and men, the importance of working on women’s relationship to money emerged significantly. This project was developed with the objective of making strides toward women’s economic autonomy.

Through workshops given in women’s groups, we sought to sensitize and equip women regarding their relationship with money and its systemic causes. Literature was distributed on a variety of financial aspects. During these popular-education workshops, the participants identified priority topics they wished to address with the women in their MRC. Talks were subsequently organized on these topics by the group of women hosts, in collaboration with CAFE.


March 8
The impoverishment of women following a separation

March 8
Simple living: a lifestyle to discover
Creative evening workshop including buffet dinner and talk

March 10
The art of simplicity

March 14
The pitfalls of credit

March 15
Protecting our heritage

March 16
Learning how to protect yourself financially in a new relationship

March 16
Simple living