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Bridges with Higher education institutions

Bridges with Higher education institutions

“For more knowledge about gender equality”



Our participation in the VIGIE-Estrie observatory, several years ago, led to the realization of a need to bridge the feminist forces of the two Sherbrooke universities, as well as the member groups of our roundtable. An example of a project requiring collaboration between the academic research communities is the latest study on housing issues and the needs of women in Estrie with disabilities. The study involves the collaboration of Professor Paul Morin of the UdeS School of Social Work and some of CAFE’s member organizations.



Steps to link action in the field with feminist research have been undertaken. We have decided to strengthen partnerships between university faculty, students, and women’s groups in order to promote the sharing of feminist knowledge. One of the efforts in alignment with this objective is organizing face-to-face or virtual forums with various themes, for example sexual violence on university campuses, the realities of sex workers, missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada, cultural diversity, etc. Since 2018, every fall, and every winter, two events are organized with Université de Sherbrooke and one with Bishop’s University.



In addition, in collaboration with Université de Sherbrooke, we have formed a partnership committee made up of representatives from Université de Sherbrooke and CAFE workers to decide on the criteria for a potential formal research partnership with Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM) community services.
This partnership agreement would not only open the door to many opportunities for feminist research, but would also strengthen the ties between various regional feminist communities and sources of expertise. Are you a member of the Sherbrooke university community and does this project pique your interest? Contact us to find out more!

In the coming years, we want to expand our partnership with the region’s CEGEPs, consolidate our partnership with Université de Sherbrooke, develop and consolidate our partnership with Bishop’s University, and find ways to cement the collaboration between CAFE and the higher education institutions in our area.