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Egalitarian-school pilot project

Egalitarian-school pilot project

We are seeking elementary schools in rural and urban areas to organize a pilot project. The project’s aim is to create an egalitarian school with the goal of raising awareness of the impact of stereotypes among teaching and non-teaching staff.

These staff members play an important role in bullying and in the academic success of both girls and boys. Children are more likely to be bullied when they do not conform to societal norms.

Moreover, stereotypes later influence career choices, the willingness to run for office, and the development of unequal social roles.



1. Awareness workshops on egalitarian education (3 hours). During these workshops, materials will be given to each participant, including a Dropbox link. The link contains tools organized by theme in a catalogue, along with workshop ideas, resources and various documentation. In addition, a list of gender-neutral books will be provided to staff.

2. During meetings (by education cycle), we will support teaching staff in using the tools, in reflecting on the socialization of children, and in using the best means by which to deconstruct stereotypes.

Our committee is considering how to reach out to parents and involve children. Your contribution will be welcome in order to help keep this initiative going and to achieve real equality between women and men.