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Mission and mandate
Community Life

Mission and mandate

« A place for feminist solidarity to collectively defend our rights.»


ConcertAction Femmes Estrie (CAFE) is a regional feminist network created to meet the various needs related to liaison, cooperation, and solidarity. With its member groups, CAFE intervenes in multiple domains including health, education, the fight against poverty and violence, social development, and access to decision-making bodies.


From the point of view of its members, a coordinating committee is:

  • a place for solidarity, an environment to break isolation and to disseminate information;
  • a reflection of what members are experiencing, and a place for action in the new context of regionalization…

(Source : Réseau des tables régionales des groupes de femmes du Québec)

Our members are women’s groups who strive to defend women’s rights and who work to improve their living conditions. They do this in a wide variety of different sectors and areas of action:

  • The fight against poverty and exclusion
  • Social action and community education
  • Physical and mental health
  • Drug addiction prevention
  • Violence against women – prevention and women’s shelters
  • Pregnancy and maternity
  • Support for female refugees and immigrants
  • Increasing female participation in decision-making bodies
  • Access and integration to employment
  • Right to housing


The solidarity between women’s groups is a shared collective responsibility and is a source of strength in overcoming the many challenges in defending women’s rights.

ConcertAction Femmes Estrie adheres to the following mandates:

  • Bring together, promote, and support women’s groups in the Eastern Townships
  • Promote collaboration between women’s groups with the aim of coordinating collective actions and positions;
  • Maintain and support regional and provincial solidarity between women’s groups;
  • Work to improve the quality of life and living conditions of women and women’s groups from a feminist perspective;
  • Acting as an ally, represent the interests of women and women’s groups to the various regional and provincial responsible bodies;
  • Ensure links between women’s groups in the Estrie region with those of other regions in Quebec.